Spray Foam Benefits

Spray Foam Benefits

At a time when energy costs are rising in this province, efficient insulation is your first, best step toward optimal energy efficiency. It may be the only one-time investment you can make during the entire lifespan of your home that becomes more valuable over time.

The top 3 reasons to choose spray foam insulation:

1. Save money. And keep on saving.

Save Money


Spray foam insulation finds all the small spaces, cracks, holes and framing imperfections that traditional insulation just won’t fill. Consider the fact that heating costs normally account for over 50% of the electricity used in electrically heated homes. If your home isn’t properly insulated, with every day that passes you continue to waste energy and the money that pays for it. An investment today in spray foam will provide a solution that other forms of insulation just can’t match – and it will save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your home.

2. Create a healthier home for your family.

healthy family


The superior properties of spray foam insulation give you all the benefits of an air-tight, continuous seal. Indoor air-quality is improved by reducing the presence of dust, allergens and other pollutants from the outside and the water-resistant features of spray foam provide exceptional protection against moisture, mildew and mold. Less energy consumption also means a smaller carbon footprint – which benefits everyone.

3. Live in greater comfort and quiet.

Your home


Spray foam is the best insulation to prevent drafts and regulate temperature – helping to maintain a home that’s warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. The seal provided by spray foam is proven to help to keep out pests. A continuous application of closed cell spray foam insulation provides a complete moisture/vapour barrier.

Spray foam insulation is a one-time upgrade with long-term results.

These guys were super easy to deal with and did a thorough job in a challenging space. I have an older downtown home with a weird crawl space which they handled in a expert manner. Highly recommend.

- Aaron

My 140 year old Victorian home, in downtown St. John's, was always cold in the winter. Pipes would freeze, and my floors would feel like ice every February. Not anymore! Ever since Liam worked on insulating my crawlspace the home has been much easier to keep warm. Even on the coldest day of the year the temps inside are toasty. The oil in my oil tank now lasts twice as long before fillup, and the floors are warm enough to walk barefoot! Best of all, the pipes no longer freeze. I'm stunned at the difference, and the price even came with an over 50% rebate from NL Power. Using Island Insulation was the best choice I made in 2019. Would definitely recommend their trustworthy service to anyone. 5 stars out of 5!

- Bob

I'm a REALTOR® and always looking for good dependable resources, people who lend a high predictability of providing favorable outcomes for my clients. I strongly recommend Liam! Excellent all aspects - a great product and excellent friendly professional service, easy to do business with, aims to please! Thank you!!

- Rob Burton

Excellent product and even better service! The product is installed so quickly and you can feel the warmth straight away! Love that this is a local company! Shop local!

- Bonita

Excellent service. Simple, fast, and thorough. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable personnel. Highly recommended.

- Andre

The process from start to finish was great, from the speedy and accurate quote to the level of tidiness when installing the foam to the clean up. Island insulation was a great company to deal with, and had all the information on insulation rebates offered by NL Power to make the decision on installing spray foam easier.

- Jon

Nice job done and very professional!

- Louis

I had my crawl space done and it made a huge difference to the comfort in my home. last winter my floors were always cold, which in turn, have to turn up the heat to compensate. The floors are warmer now, so it should cut down on the light bill. These guys are very professional and do very tidy work. I highly recommend them for the job.

- Donald